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Transforming Canada’s Mining Innovation Ecosystem | 

Organizing and Delivering on CMIC’s Integrated Roadmap

The Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) and CanmetMINING are partnering on a multi-year initiative to transform Canada’s mining innovation ecosystem. The partnership will strengthen, expand, and defragment the ecosystem, while aligning innovators towards the goal of a zero-waste industry.

In turn, this collaboration will support CMIC’s role as the industry champion for mining innovation and the national gateway for mining innovation.

The project will ultimately facilitate the development of collaborative innovation projects that are industry-relevant and aligned with CMIC’s industry-defined technology roadmaps as well as the Government of Canada’s clean technology agenda.

We are now at a point in CMIC’s evolution where these efforts can be integrated to address a common set of challenges through an integrated innovation roadmap.

Project updates, webinar recordings and presentations will be provided as this project rolls out.

Surface & Underground Mining
Thursday October 4th, 13:30 EDT

Click here for pdf of presentation

Videos and presentations from webinars for Mineral Processing (Thursday October 18th, 10:30 PDT/13:30 EDT) and
Environment (Tuesday October 30th, 10:30 PDT/13:30 EDT) will be posted after the events.

Stay tuned!

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