Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry

Who We Are

Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry

CMIC’s vision is to transform the mining industry, by enabling the deployment of technologies that will reduce by 50% the mining industry’s energy use, water use, and environmental footprint. The goal is to have such technologies developed and proven by 2027.

Focusing on these key areas is essential to reducing the adverse impacts of mining on the environment and on communities worldwide. Developing technologies to achieve these reductions will assist in making mining a more sustainable industry, while bearing in mind that minerals and metals are essential to modern life.

Initiatives by which to reduce energy use, water use, and environmental footprint will cut across all aspects of mining operations, and realizing these reductions will require making changes to all aspects of the mining process. These changes will, in turn, transform how mining itself is done.

By achieving Towards Zero Waste Mining (TZWM) we look to fundamentally shift the mining industry and how mining interacts with communities and the environment. To develop the technologies needed to do so, the underlying innovation system that drives change in the mining sector will, itself, need to change. For this reason, CMIC also has a broader mission.



Our Vision

Transform mining towards a zero waste industry


Our Mission

Connect innovators to catalyze transformation across the industry 




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