CIM’s Jean Vavrek: Furthering innovation through CMIC

000099575.ashxWelcome to the new CMIC website – a platform that will help us go beyond traditional concepts of innovation. Despite the varied connotations the word “innovation” may hold for each of us, our industry is intent on transcending previous limitations. We see numerous opportunities to become even more creative and are poised to seize them.

CMIC’s leadership role in moving our sector forward will keep mining strong in Canada. Thanks to the vision and leadership of many, and to the energy and resilience with which their efforts have been deployed since its creation, CMIC has been nurtured and has evolved; it is now poised to further the innovation in mining that has always been its aim. The previous CMIC leaders built a strong foundation, and that legacy is in good hands with the new leadership. Still, the need to align research and development and to innovate in response to the industry’s needs remains.

CMIC was created to bring people together to better align the challenges faced by our industry with the capacity of addressing them through our extensive research and development network. The power of our mining expertise is waiting to be harnessed. CMIC is the engine that will allow us to pool our collective efforts and channel our creativity more effectively.

Where will we end up? There are so many possibilities, including better approaches to energy usage, improved reliability, and a more robust approach to the interoperability and monitoring of equipment. Other sectors have been successful in these areas, so we are not looking at quantum leaps. A great deal can be discovered through benchmarking.

I look forward to working more closely with CMIC and am confident that new approaches to resolving some very old problems are within our grasp. However, as much as we need to act and see results that can be commercialized, we must allow our minds to think the unthinkable. What will the climate situation be in five to 10 years? If the use of desktops and laptops is on its way out, are we designing our future organizations with that in mind? Are we thinking about how we redesign our work and our operations in an era where most may be wearing high-tech glasses and digital clothing? Have we considered utilizing our own movement as a source of power and energy?

With CMIC as solid partners, we can take time to step back from the pressures of what is needed today and discover what could be needed tomorrow. We can proceed more boldly, engage more widely, and be faster and nimbler than we have in the past. We have a community that is justwaiting for the opportunity to join us all in supporting CMIC and its innovation mission.