What is the DNA Behind the CMIC Innovation Model?

DNAMany of the conversations I have had lately about innovation in the mining industry ultimately relate to the “culture” of this industry.

The mining industry is behind other industries with respect to innovation; we don’t collaborate very well; we simply can’t integrate new ideas, processes and products; we are too risk averse etc. etc. etc.

Although we may be lagging with respect to uptake, I believe we are ahead of the curve compared to many industries because our model is among the best in the world.

Why is this?

Many hold up DARPA as the gold standard (no pun intended) for innovation.  DARPA produced many innovations like the internet, GPS, stealth technology and hundreds of others.  What is the DNA responsible for this astounding success?

A recent article  identified three key elements, or the DNA, of the DARPA model including:

  • Ambitious goals
  • Temporary project teams
  • Independence

How does this stack up to our, CMIC’s, approach to innovation?

Ambitious goals – our main driver is to attack the grand challenges of the industry that are not feasible by any single company.  Is this ambitious?  Absolutely!

Temporary project teams – we assemble the very best from academia, industry and government to not only define the challenges but also to solve them in a project type of modality.  By definition these are temporary project teams.

Independence – we are an independent corporation identifying challenges, mapping out technology gaps, running projects and taking significant risks in a collaborative ecosystem.

Now ask yourself, is the innovation culture of the mining industry really behind?