CMIC Reaches Milestone in Environmental Project Development Work

The Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) is pleased to announce the release of two project pre-feasibility reports by the Closure Working Group (CWG) and the Water Working Group (WWG) of its Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI). The completion of the pre-feasibility studies represents a major milestone for the ESI’s work following the completion of an environmental management scoping study (prepared by Hatch Ltd), several multi-stakeholder surveys, and ongoing ESI workshops.

The objectives of the studies are to assess the initial feasibility of the following project concepts:

Closure Working Group

1)    Standardized closure criteria for mine site relinquishment to the Crown

2)    Passive systems for managing acid rock drainage (ARD)

Water Working Group

3)    National database / repository of water resources information

4)    Remote, real-time sensors for water quality monitoring

The closure and water working groups held workshops in May 2014 to finalize the results of the studies and to select projects for further project development. Based on the results of the workshops, the CWG decided to conduct feasibility studies on projects 1 and 3, above, from June – December 2014. A similar study will also take place for project 4, beginning in September 2014. Lastly, for project 2, the ESI plans to work in conjunction with a graduate student to answer some outstanding issues that were raised during the course of the pre-feasibility study.

The pre-feasibility reports are available below.

ESI Closure Working Group Pre-Feasibility Study Report

ESI Water Working Group Pre-Feasibility Study Report

An infographic depicting all three working groups is also available below.

ESI Project Development Infographic