Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry

Environmental Stewardship

Investing in a Sustainable Mining Future: Transforming Environmental Management in the Mining Industry


The major functions of environmental management in the mining business include preventing adverse environmental impacts, remediation and reclamation activities, and environmental monitoring. Environmental management requirements are becoming increasingly complex due to increased waste volumes as well as evolving stakeholder expectations. Specific technical challenges span several technical areas, including:

  • Water availability, use and treatment
  • Water quality monitoring in real time
  • Acid rock drainage management
  • Tailings management and reclamation
  • Closure management

Project Progress to Date

CMIC Water Quality Sensors – Remote, real-time water quality sensors

  • Demonstration, validation, and customization of new sensor technology platforms
  • Pairing technology providers with mining companies for testing and deployment at mine sites
  • Consortium established to pool resources and share results….

Download the CMIC Water Quality Sensors Project Sheet

CMIC Knowledge Hub  – Open source, open data platforms

  • Create open data hub for the mining sector
  • Collect, preserve, and share environmental data among stakeholders
  • Embed open-source, cloud-based data platforms across the sector
  • Improve transparency across the sector ….

Download the CMIC Knowledge Hub Project Sheet

Project Players

The Environmental Stewardship group is led by Chair Michel Julien, VP Environment, Agnico Eagle. Mike Flynn is working with CMIC as Innovation Manager, Environment. To learn more about the Environmental Stewardship Initiative and the Canada Mining Innovation Council, download the fact sheet.

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