Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry


In the face of significant market and socio-economic challenges, innovation is cited by many key figures within the mining sector globally as a vehicle we must use to help us become more resilient.  However, the industry’s approach to innovation has not historically resulted in the appropriate level of positive impacts to the business of mining.

As an industry, we need to maintain discipline, apply innovative thinking, and commercially apply innovation, to drive the cost out of the equation at every phase of the mining process, from exploration and development to production, reclamation, and social development. If we as an industry are to generate sustainable and profitable growth and drive economic and social prosperity, these actions need to happen not only when mining commodity prices are down, but on a consistent basis.

Innovative thinking – like that seen among CMIC members, with projects managed on the CMIC platform – can reduce the risk inherent in developing technical and non-technical applications that can make all of our products – gold, copper, nickel, iron ore, rare earths, battery metals – better, faster, cheaper, and safer.

These improvements benefit not only our employees, but also the environment and communities in which we work and live.

CMIC has never been more important to our industry.

CMIC’s approach is innovative in that we:

  • tackle grand challenges defined by the mining industry
  • create technology roadmaps that shape the future and the path to solutions
  • bridge the gap between long term vision and short term projects
  • develop technology platforms across the mining business
  • harness innovation and spread risk across the supply chain
  • deliver results

The CMIC  Membership model is based on similar organizations in other industries and takes into account unique features of mining.

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