Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry

CAHM: A Disruptive Grinding Platform Technology

Mining consumes 3-6% of the world’s energy use. Comminution – the grinding process employed in mining – is the largest energy-consuming activity, representing up to 50% of a mining operation’s energy costs. As the global mining sector faces ever-diminishing ore grades, energy requirements and costs will continue to increase extensively. Comminution circuits are highly inefficient, with as little as 10% of the energy used for grinding in standard methods, presenting unnecessarily excessive energy costs that impact profitability and competitiveness. More efficient comminution technologies are urgently needed.

The Conjugate Anvil Hammer Mill (CAHM) technology was identified through a global search as having the most potential to transform comminution in Canadian mines. A CMIC-led consortium of companies funded lab and simulation studies at the University of British Columbia, concluding that 50% energy reductions could be achieved using CAHM technology in grinding circuits compared to the latest technology, High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR).

The project aims to design, build and test  a revolutionary new comminution technology platform that will reduce energy in comminution by 50% as well as additional potential benefits that may significantly improve OPEX and CAPEX.

The project will result in the establishment of a new disruptive technology as a ready-to-implement and cost-effective replacement for the status quo, touching all four technical impact areas:

  • Improvements in process
  • Quantitative improvement of a technology
  • Qualitative improvement of a technology
  • New technology

This project will further develop, manufacture and test prototypes of a new comminution technology that provides a disruptive change to the global mining industry. Direct energy reductions as much as 50% will be realized.

Hatch, CTTI, COREM, Teck Resources, Agnico Eagle, Glencore XPS, Newmont Goldcorp, Kinross


Presentation June 4, 2018 by Hatch and COREM

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