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Continuous Underground Mining: Mechanical Cutting


To evaluate the existing technology and to continue the learning around mechanical cutting and continuous mining. In order to transform the current drill and blast methodology, to a continuous mining platform, testing and piloting is required to continue the learning and the technology development.

  • Will the current technology available in 2018 cut hard rock?
  • Will this technology be capable to transition to a competitive alternative to drill and blast?
  • Can the consortium support and guide the OEM to commercialize their technologies?
CMIC continuous mining consortium member mining companies are interested in furthering their knowledge and potentially using mechanical cutting in their hard-rock mines. Building on the experience and learning of the first two stages of the Mechanical cutting and continuous mining project, the next step is to execute a demonstration / pilot project to validate that hard rock “can be cut” and that with the assistance of the OEM’s and consortium members this technology can be commercially viable.

The continuous mining consortium expects demonstration of mechanical cutting to provide the following:


  • Shared performance data
  • Shared financial risk (current opportunities use a contractor OPEX model vs a traditional equipment manufacturer CAPEX model)
  • A small financial commitment in comparison to purchasing a mechanical cutting machine from a traditional OEM
  • All other OEM’s will not have a cutting solution ready for testing until 2020 and beyond. As a result, these two options are very attractive for early cutting demonstration.


  • CMIC and our members can be the first to utilize this technology
  • The technology will demonstrate its viability
  • Essential data will be obtained in order to support more detailed opportunity / business cases.
Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd., Glencore, Hatch, Newmont Goldcorp, Vale










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