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Exploration Undercover


To address the fundamental question that underpins all geochemical techniques reported to see a buried ore deposit through cover, the process of component (elements, gas, etc.) migration needs to be understood.
The project is intended to address the following:

  1. Do components migrate?
  2. What, if any, facilitate migration?
  3. What if any, may hinder component migration?
  4. What climatic and environmental conditions in Canada may facilitate or hinder component migration?
  5. How fast do components migrate under climatic and environmental conditions?

The long-term deliverable of this project will be to provide robust guidelines as to what surface media should be targeted in an exploration program and the significance of anomaly recognition within different media. At the project scale the research will identify the processes responsible for the generation of geochemical, biological and physicochemical responses at the research sites based on experimental and field-based research.
The project has not yet started.

Presentation by Francois Robert at CMIC Annual Forum click here +

Project discussion  document from a CMIC workshop click here +

Proposal created by the CMIC exploration group click here +.


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