Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry

Mining Knowledge Hub


Effective environmental management for mining operations requires the collection and availability of robust environmental data. Baseline, operational, and closure/post-closure environmental data are all critical for monitoring and measuring environmental performance over time. However, across the mining sector, environmental data is often poorly managed, not well-preserved, and is often not readily available for stakeholders.
The Mining Industry Knowledge Hub will become an open data hub of environmental data for the mining sector. The Knowledge Hub will be a cloud-based platform built almost entirely of open source software.

Primary project benefits include:

  • Data preservation over time
  • Reducing the duplication of sampling effort, particularly for proximal project sites
  • Enhancing baseline data collection for the mine permitting process
  • Enhancing predictive water quality modeling and cumulative effects analysis
  • Providing an accessible tool for researchers and practitioners to study mine impacted water quality
  • Establishing a scientifically-sound, empirical evidence base to devise water management strategies
  • Enabling advanced data analytics opportunities
  • Embedding advanced, yet inexpensive open source data platforms across the sector
  • Enhancing data transparency / democratization to enhance social license
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