Transform Mining Towards a Zero Waste Industry

Project Management


The CMIC technical groups have been the lifeblood of CMIC since its inception.  Countless volunteers from across all business units of the mining industry have graciously devoted many hours of their time.  These efforts have led to six roadmaps and the identification of a number of projects for CMIC, and others, to undertake.  Subsequent to supercluster efforts, the Board of Directors mandated that CMIC should focus efforts toward executing projects and building a robust pipeline of projects.

To make more effective use of our volunteers’ time, we collapsed the previous five technical groups into a single group of volunteers.  This group will help CMIC build the project pipeline while taking advantage of challenges common to various areas of the mining business.


CMIC follows internationally accepted Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines for project, program, and project portfolio management.   Projects that CMIC leads all employ a general project structure.   Project management structures are tailored to the size and complexity of each project, to ensure appropriate oversight while maintaining the greatest possible agility.   All projects require project charters (created from project charters supplied by four mining companies) and consortium agreements.   CMIC ensures that project funding is secured prior to project initiation.

A general project management structure is shown below that includes technology demonstration at mine sites.



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