Is it Really Our Turn?


Since joining the Canada Mining Innovation Council a common phrase I hear is, “Its our turn!”

This always refers to a major investment by the federal government in mining related research.

Why, just look at the forestry, automotive sector and aerospace sectors.  They all received hundreds of millions, so why not us?”

I always have to ask whether this is the way to build a sustainable innovation system.

The world is full of highly capitalized companies and other organizations, most of which eventually fail.

On the other hand, those that crawl their way to relevance by building and delivering real value almost always succeed.

FPInnovations for example has over 500 employees, a massive amount of research infrastructure to maintain, and receives 63% of their revenues from the public sector.

Is this really what the mining sector wants or needs?  Don’t get me wrong, FPInnovations is doing incredibly great work for the forestry industry…. but

…is this what OUR mining sector in Canada really needs?

I don’t believe so.

What do you think?