Working Group Updates – Dec 2013

At the recent Board of Directors meeting held in December, it was re-iterated that as an industry driven organization, CMIC must ensure the technical groups are focused on addressing industry needs.  During the coming months, we will be working with Group leaders to identify where and how the groups can operate more effectively and ensure they are addressing the needs of the industry.

Exploration: The group completed and circulated a proposal for real time analysis to reduce variability in deep mining. Workshops have been organized for the group’s annual January meeting, including on the creation of a mineral exploration simulator in Canada. The Footprints project is fully underway, with a first quarterly report having been submitted and a favourable first report from the Science Advisory Committee having been to the Board.

Energy: The group is meeting in January 2014 to finalize a roadmap report to move forward.

Environmental Stewardship: Following a workshop in Vancouver held in September, the three sub-groups (Water Management, Tailings, and Closure) identified their respective focus areas and are currently working on pre-feasibility studies.

Highly Qualified People: This group is broadening its focus to leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation at three levels within the mining industry: the graduate and post-doctoral levels, mid-level management, and the executive level.

Mining: Michael MacFarlane joined the group as an advisor and is working on a revised plan with Alex Henderson and the co-leads.  The intent is to develop the existing whitepapers into a roadmap by March.

Processing: The group is working to link existing projects in other organizations on energy and comminution, which would connect existing expertise and projects to address processing challenges on a larger scale.